Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wrapping up some projects

So things have been busy the past few weeks. Things have been wrapping up with the script-writing committee that I'm on for the play come February - we have to be done by Christmas. But I've still been getting some work done here and there.

There was a bit of a lapse, but I did get the second to last Sons of Liberty piece done. I wound up being happy with the result, despite the crazy challenge of perspective that Joshua's description entailed.


The following two images were the last two revised images done for Ben Lehman's upcoming game Drifter's Escape - which, incidentally looks like it will be a super-interesting game.

I've got a few more potential projects in the wings, but after I get Sons of Liberty and Drifter's Escape lined up, look to see more art from that webcomic I might do someday and from Thou Art But A Warrior. Now that I've gotten people to play some playtests, I have fodder for illustrations.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grey Ranks, horrible shit part 3

I might write more about our last session later. Right now, the last session is just too raw.

Enjoy some drawings from the last session.