Thursday, April 8, 2010

New art in progress

So I've been working seriously on the margarita robot image that I mentioned in a previous post. I just thought I'd post a few screens of work in progress.

Here's the finished lineart for the background:

I started to sketch in the robot here:

It took a few tries to get the positioning right, but I think it will look good once it's polished.

More later!

Brief updates

Website: Browser Beware and the Tasty Bacon Games site are both back up and running, thanks to assistance from Joshua A.C. Newman. (He rocks, go buy a copy of Shock:) There's a couple areas of Browser Beware that still need to be fixed, but it's 90% back up and running and will be fully restored in the next few days.

Thou Art But A Warrior: I'm about to do my third print run of Thou Art But A Warrior! Hooray! Unfortunately, because of how horrendous the service is with my old printer, I'll be switching to a new printer with slightly higher costs. This means I'll be raising the price a bit after I've sold out of copies from the current print run. More details on this once I've finalized the print run.

Wundergeek Writes: A bit of an analysis of my progress so far and future goals over on my other blog.