Monday, June 30, 2008

Status update

1) Status update the first: THE HOUSE

We moved in yesterday without any serious incident. It is, as of yet, very very messy. It will be occupying much of my time.

Unfortunately, my notes for the angel game I'm writing are lost in one of these many boxes. Dammit. I guess that's incentive to pack.

2) Status update the second: THOU ART BUT A WARRIOR

I got the proof back today, and am pretty excited about it overall. There's two really minor things that make me Sad: the page numbers are oddly placed (I laid out the book using Word - fuck you, Word!), and the ad for Emily Care Boss' games is low-res.

I'm super sad, because revising it would cost me fifty bucks and make my timeline totally not workable. So I have to print my first hundred copies with slightly retarded (but correct) page numbers, and a low-res ad.


But hey, you know. Learning experience.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally between projects

On Friday, Thou Art But A Warrior officially went to press. Hurrah! I wish that means I could work on my black ops angel game, but moving is going to take precedence. We take possession of our new house on the 27th and are currently up to our eyeballs in boxes.

All of my art supplies are currently packed, so it'll be a bit before you see any art around here that's not me spending a few minutes goofing around on Eat Poop U Cat. I could explain this, but I think it's funnier out of context.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank GOD. It's finished.

So the book is done. Finished. Thank God.

I decided pretty last minute that I wanted to get the title of the book calligraphed in Arabic and I am super, super, SUPER excited about how awesome it makes the cover.

So here's the cover and title page, just because they're too awesome not to share.

I'm sending the book to the printer in the morning. But no rest for the wicked; now that I'm finished with the book I get to finish packing the apartment. Oh well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scheduling conflicts leading to hilarity

So we're trying to schedule a night for our Skype group to keep playing our game of Contenders and failing. My friend Aaron just sent the following email. The fact that I laughed as hard as I did is proof that I am a nerd.


load libEmail
load libSnark
load libPasvAggr

set Kit
set Anna
set Travis
set Aaron
set Bacon to {Kit,Anna,Travis,Aaron}

get numberOfMeetingsToday from Anna
make numberOfMeetingsToday equal n
n equals 0

run all
tell gmail to send to Bacon
set To: to Bacon
set body to
if today equals {n+1}
then Anna equals Fail
else Anna equals Cool
print result of if {then or else}

idle for 5 minutes

tell gmail to send Bacon
set To: to Bacon
set body to
if Anna equals Fail
then set Aaron to cry
get makeUpDay
if makeUpDay equals Friday
then set Aaron to unavailable

while running
if Aaron is set to cry and unavailable
call for Kit to equal {head - 1}
set house to burn

while running
set Travis to doucheBag
Travis tell {Kit,Anna} sendToDisplay "You can all suck my balls!"
set Travis to flippingYouOff

end run all

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Someone shoot me in the head

So I finished the interior layout. It's done. Finished! (Shit. Except that I have to fix the index. Oh well. Almost finished!)

And then I discovered I hate my cover. HATE it.


TABAW is almost finished! Also, I'm going to hell.

So work is proceeding apace on Thou Art But A Warrior. It looks like I will meet my self-imposed printing deadline, so - hooray! Thank god the end is in sight.

I've been taking much-needed breaks by visiting Eat Poop U Cat. Thou Art But A Warrior is so full of Serious Thought that sometimes I need to look at something silly like Batman in women's underwear to relieve the stress.

Tonight I took a longer break and drew a panel, for which I am totally going to hell. I mean, generally Eat Poop U Cat will make me go to hell, but this really will.

If you think that's twisted, here's the sentence it's based on: "The children's suspicions were confirmed--Uncle Mort sliced further into his stump of an arm anytime his miniature hippopotamus needed to be fed."

I laughed almost the entire time I drew it. Ah, good times. Good times.

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Eat Poop U Cat silliness

The following sentence came up just now when I decided to draw a panel for Eat Poop U Cat: "The Sun fell in love, and Mars was for sale, and the jellybeans ran away and were sad."

Damn you, Vincent, for linking to Eat Poop U Cat! Daaaaaamn yooooouuuu!