Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tea Party: some commentary

My struggle to acquire a copy of InDesign continues. I hope to God that I get it soon, because I did all of the layout for Tea Party in Word, which was enough to make me want to scratch my eyes out! I did eventually get it to look the way I wanted, but I wound up putting way more work into it than I should have.

I blame Jason Morningstar for all of this. I wound up taking a look at an early draft of a Lady Blackbird hack of his called Death School. One of the characters reminded me of something I’ve always wanted to do with an RPG – have a character who got mechanical bonuses for offensively gratuitous uses of the American flag. I suggested this to Jason, and he used it, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So I’m thinking about this, and then I hear a news story on NPR about the Tea Party, and I realized that I had to write a Lady Blackbird Hack about the Tea Party. (So, sorry, Jason. I liked my idea so much that I had to take it back. Oh well. It happens.)

This was frustrating to me, as I had other creative things that I wanted to work on! But noooo… I couldn’t get Tea Party out of my head until I wrote it. So here it is, and it’s been posted on my website. Just for laughs, I’ve also re-posted STAB! STAB! STAB!!, my original foray into satirical game design.

I’m glad it’s done. Now back to other things.

This is Satire

(Crossposted from Story-Games)

Tea Party
A Lady Blackbird Hack by Anna Kreider

Despite decades of warnings from conservative visionaries like Ronald Reagan,
the creeping socialism propagated by the intelligista and the liberal media has
caused the collapse of American society as we know it. Under the crippling
double-burden of national debt and entitlement programs, the American dollar
has collapsed and everything is in chaos.

The last of the Tea Party patriots have formed a stronghold in Nashville where
they have stockpiled food, weapons, and ammunition. But it won’t be long
before they are overrun by forces in league with the new socialist regime. It’s up
to you to make things right.

Free PDF here: http://www.browserbeware.com/TeaParty.pdf

It amuses me to think that someone, some time will find this and not understand that this is satire.

(Jeez. I guess there’s some kind of Lady Blackbird-hacking mania going around. Anyway, I blame Jason Morningstar for getting me started on this, and Graham Walmsley for encouraging me to finish. Thanks, guys. That was a week that I didn’t work on other projects at all.

Dear BP: In Case You Forgot

Dear, BP

I know you've had a lot on your mind these past two months. I know that I have trouble remembering things when I get stressed out, so I thought I'd send you a friendly reminder. I hope the following helps you out:

(All before photos taken by me in 2008. All after photos taken from the Associated Press)