Monday, April 21, 2008

Well now that Game Chef is up and running...

...I can post pictures of my entries! Go check out the contest over here if you're interested. There are neat things going on over there.

(Game Chef is going to keep me pretty busy until next week, so this might be it until I'm done trying to pull a game out of my brain meats in not enough time.)

They broke with tradition this year, and for ingredients had artists do sets of images to be used as inspiration for games to be designed. I picked 'women warriors' as my theme. I wound up being really, really happy with the final result. I look forward to seeing the finished games that are going to be using my artwork!

I'm happy I was adequately able to convey in black and white how absolutely garish Egyptian jewelry is. Having seen it in person in the Cairo Museum, it is rather appalling to Western sensibilities.

This was cleverly cropped to avoid showing that I suck at drawing horses.

Easily my favorite image of the whole set. I love, love, LOVE her face. She is so totally saying 'I am about to f*ck you up'.

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