Monday, June 30, 2008

Status update

1) Status update the first: THE HOUSE

We moved in yesterday without any serious incident. It is, as of yet, very very messy. It will be occupying much of my time.

Unfortunately, my notes for the angel game I'm writing are lost in one of these many boxes. Dammit. I guess that's incentive to pack.

2) Status update the second: THOU ART BUT A WARRIOR

I got the proof back today, and am pretty excited about it overall. There's two really minor things that make me Sad: the page numbers are oddly placed (I laid out the book using Word - fuck you, Word!), and the ad for Emily Care Boss' games is low-res.

I'm super sad, because revising it would cost me fifty bucks and make my timeline totally not workable. So I have to print my first hundred copies with slightly retarded (but correct) page numbers, and a low-res ad.


But hey, you know. Learning experience.

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