Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First of the new projects: Trollbabe

Shortly before GenCon, Ron Edwards decided that he was going to publish a revised edition of Trollbabe. Originally, I gathered that the plan had been to have it ready for GenCon, as my husband sent me to GenCon with Trollbabe at the top of his shopping list. Apparently, Ron thought better of that and has decided to take his time in putting together a revised edition.

This worked out very well for me, as I wound up getting to spend quite a bit of time this year. I got to show Ron some of my work at the convention, and he said he'd like to use some of my art for the new edition. Aces!

So I'm in the sketching phase right now, just trying to come up with concept sketches that could work well as finished illustrations.


I had intended to do nothing more than a horn study with this one, but I had a vague idea for a pose in my head so I went for it. I wound up being really happy with it, even if her head is too large. (I have a bad habit of doing that.)

This second piece I did just today after going home early from work (long story, nothing serious). I think the pose is a bit stiff, but the drawing overall has promise. And again, I do like the face, even if she has a GIANT HEAD.

So overall, I feel good that I've made an excellent start on planning sketches for Trollbabe illustrations. It's good to have Thou Art But A Warrior finished, but it's even nicer to have projects to work on. I'm discovering that I don't deal well with downtime.

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