Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm going crazy with posting!

I've been cooped up a bit more than I'd like the past week. This in combination with the fact that I seem to be having an 'on' period with my art means that I've been sketching the crap out of Trollbabe.

I doodled a pose on lunch today and then came home and turned it into this:


I'm really happy with the drapery of the clothing, and again with the face. (Head a little less giant this time, thankfully. I think the horns wind up exaggerating head size.) I think I'll probably add some stuff to the background - probably some dudes getting their asses handed to them by a badass trollbabe. But for now, pretty happy with this.

I feel like GenCon really re-charged my creative batteries. I don't know how long this hyper-productivity will last, but I'm going to have fun riding it while it does.

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