Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The state of affairs (long post)

Happy Birthday, Robot!

At GenCon, I was lucky enough to be able to play Happy Birthday, Robot! with Marc Majcher and a friend of his. (Alas, her name escapes me. I met so many people at GenCon...) It's an adorable little game in which you tell stories about robots that always start with "Happy Birthday, Robot!". I think Daniel Solis has hit upon a real gem, here, and I highly encourage interested parties to go check out the threads on Story-Games pertaining to HBR.

I enjoyed the game rather a lot, so I promised that I would do an actual play in the form of drawings. Which I did.

Success. I should do comic stuff more often.


I've got a few jobs in the works, right now. Not to be coy, but I'll have more about that later once I have something to show for my efforts.


As mentioned in my previous post, I've updated my website to bring my online portfolio up to date. I'm working hard on putting together porfolios to send out to local galleries, as well as sending out letters to local photographic studios that might need assistant photographers. I've also been working on beefing up my portfolio of fine art landscape photography as well, and hope to be able to post photos from some of my most recent hikes soon.

If you know of anyone local to the Greater Toronto Area or Region of Waterloo who needs some photography done, please do consider referring them to my website.

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