Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Go Make Me A Sandwich

It occurred to me I hadn't posted this over here yet. I've started a new blog about sexism in gaming called Go Make Me A Sandwich. You can check it out over here.


Daniel said...

Any chance you could start a "Go Make Me A Sandwich" facebook page? I tried searching to see if one already exists and found um... something else.

Jack said...

Nice! I actually just stumbled up that page too! (got linked from Trollsmyth).

Lots of interesting reads! It will take me a while to get through them all! =D

Keep it up! :)

Nairid Lean'o said...

I'm honestly glad to see a Christian artist out there but with that said... Please stick to your photography. Your views, opinions, and rants about sexist imagery in the gaming industry is really just pointless, and in my opinion, ignorant, closed minded, and fascist.
Who are you to say what is art and to judge successful artist like Kim Hyung Tae. The thing that really makes me want to punch you in your "lovingly detailed ladybits", is your high and mighty, condescending rant about all your subject matter on your blogs. At least if you had an ounce more skill than Kim Hyung Tae I would have possiby respected your opinions as an artist.
The internet is probably just better off with the atheist artist.