Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Cover by Claudia is finished!

I've been meaning to blog about the progress of the campaign sooner; with 23 days left to go we're at $2340 - just $60 shy of the last stretch goal of $2400. I'm very, very pleased to have gotten this level of support with the crowdfunding, because I'm glad to have gotten the chance to really make backing this campaign worthwhile.

I'm also very pleased to have gotten a chance to work with the amazing Claudia Cangini. She pulled out all the stops in producing a new cover:

Art by Claudia Cangini, CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW
She worked very hard to include reflect so many of the setting details in the cover. I love the rich patterning and colors. And I'm really happy with how the knight on the front cover turned out; it was very important to me that the cover feature a heroic-looking POC that didn't just look like "angry black dude". It would be easy to fall into stereotypical ways of depicting these characters, and that would just be the worst.


mythusmage said...

Congratulations on achieving your goals, and thanks for the idea I'm going to steal.

To Whit...

World: Aerth

Place: Atlantl (we know it as Atlantis)

Starting Point: The fall of Atlantl 1013 years ago, not to the waves, but to Iberian politics and machinations.

Current Situation: Three Atlantean kingdoms have won their independence from the Iberians, another three are working towards it. Uniting the six in their goals is the work of a society of warriors, based on the old Atlanteans who explored the Middle Seas and brought civilization to the lands of Aegypt, Sumer, and Grecia.

1013 After Atlantl's Fall is equivalent to our 2013 AD.

Good luck with the game.

8mph Ansible said...

Congrats on being part of the project.

Sadly, I'm very late to the party--otherwise I've would've tossed my $ in because finding a copy of the old game has sometimes been a rather annoying search for me.

I take it the new 2nd edition will be public in March or is that just for the backers?