Thursday, June 20, 2013

Building Rome In a Day moves to a new home

I'm closing this blog and moving over to tumblr. The new address is - shocking, I know.

'Cause here’s the thing. I never really liked Blogger. It was something I stayed with out of inertia. But the spam filtering is shit, and it’s not easy to share things, I've never really liked how it handles posting images, and let’s not forget that Blogger is just plain uncool. I hear that tumblr is what’s cool these days. What’s hip. What’s 23 skidoo. Or do the kids not say that anymore? I always forget.
Get off my lawn.
Anyway. My life has kind of exploded creatively, recently. I’m finishing up the manuscript of a book based on my other blog, Go Make Me a Sandwich. I’m also involved in a project for White Wolf, working on a number of freelance illustration projects, and working to hopefully start selling some prints of geeky baby art.
Because who doesn’t love geeky baby art? Terrorists, that’s who. And if you don’t buy my geeky baby art, then the terrorists win, my friend. The terrorists win.

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