Friday, April 27, 2007

Neighborhood Night Photography

Last week I went on an expedition around the neighborhood after dark, experimenting with the long-exposure capability of my new camera. I've always loved doing night photography, because it makes everything look so surreal and otherworldly. I can't wait until the trees have leaves again, because it will make the results of my expeditions all that much more entertaining. (That's one thing I still haven't gotten used to about Canada versus Ohio. We're more than a month behind in terms of leaves!)

The color shifts you get with night photography are so strange. This picture is perfect evidence - look at the violent greens and oranges. The long exposure plays tricks on the camera and makes colors more extreme than they really are.

This is my favorite out of all the photographs I took. The light in the distance, the composition of the branches... I love this.

The moon was actually a crescent moon that night, but because of the long exposure it turned out looking round. Wacky.

If it doesn't rain tonight, I'll be going out - though I'll need a flash light to keep myself from breaking my neck in the dark.

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