Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life interferes with art

Things haven't been terribly conducive to art lately, what with a few personal crises conspiring to destroy my productivity. In particular, one of our rats - Hippo - was very sick and needed a lot of attention as we tried to nurse her back to health.

Sadly. We weren't able to nurse her back to health.

I did the following letter for Ben's upcoming game, Drifter's Escape, as an attempt to distract myself. It turned out well, considering I've never owned a dog.

And because I can, here's a picture of our rat Hippo - the world's tiniest and fuzziest hippopotamus, and the only rat I've ever known to jump three feet straight up. She was the smartest, and the weirdest, of our rats. And I miss her.

Here's to you, hippo. I hope wherever you are they're giving you lots of yogurt drops and peanut butter.

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