Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thou Art But A Warrior Illustrations, Part Two

These are the other two color illustrations I've finished for Thou Art But A Warrior. I'll probably keep it to three for the interior, to keep costs down since it's going to be a short book. But I'm super-happy with how they turned out.

My goal is to make TABAW a very art-rich text. With me doing all the layout, game design, and art, all it costs me is time after all!


I tried to vague up the angel's clothing, simply because I couldn't find any good resources for artwork of Islamic depictions of angel clothing. Oh well. It turned out pretty badass anyway. (Though the wings were a trial.)

The colors took forever to get right with this one. Super-saturated colors are hard to work with. But I like the result. Very dramatic.

That's all that I've got for TABAW for the time being, but I've got tons of other things I've been working on - including the long-planned webcomic. I've started scripting pages, so I'll be posting concept art for that now that I feel confident this is a project that will see the light of day.

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Joshua A.C. Newman said...

You're not finding Muslim images of angels because Muslims are forbidden from representing things in images. Even in times and places where there's been wiggle room in that rule, representing *angels* is right out.

Wikipedia, of course, has an article on the subject.

I'd submit that angels might follow the Torah model more than the medieval Christian model — either completely disguised as people or monstrous and surreal.