Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Art from our D&D Campaign

Kittens are terrible for productivity, let me say that now. I've had to force myself to work on the demo kit for the convention. And working on the angel game? Forget it. How can I possibly do work with two adorable fluff balls thundering around the house?

Well, I finally started doing some drawing again - despite my husband teasing me that I had to re-learn how to draw. I wanted to draw our characters for our game of 4th Edition D&D.


This is Valeria, my Eladrin Wizard. I'm very much enjoying 4th Edition's take on Wizards, especially since I rolled really well and she wound up with super-high casting stats. She's a rock star!


This is Zarin, my husband's Ranger. Zarin is, possibly, the most badass character EVER. He has a higher kill-count than the rest of the party, almost. And of course, he's an elf - so how could I resist drawing him? I will probably color him at some point, because he is very, very yummy.

So more D&D drawings will probably follow, since I feel mildly obligated to draw the whole party (though whether I do or not is another story.) Hopefully I'll get some interesting illustrating jobs after GenCon since it's been a while.

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