Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My newest productivity-killer

You can't see him very well, but this is Constantine - like the Holy Roman Emperor, not like the crappy movie by Keanu Reeves.

This is Rhubarb, Constantine's sister. Clearly, she sees something interesting.

Attack! Rhubarb attacks!

Constantine decides to show his displeasure for the attack on his royal dignity.


So, as might be obvious from the pictures, Kit and I adopted two kittens this evening. They're happily exploring the house and tearing around making lots of noise. Rhubarb is brave and sweet and not at all afraid to come up for petting and affection. Constantine is not as sure of things as his sister and quite shy, but he can be affectionate when you do pet him.

We're very happy we got two siblings, because they're obviously having a hoot playing together and they'll be able to keep each other company while we're at work. In fact, right now they're play-fighting under my desk.

So that's my latest productivity destroyer. It's a very *cute* productivity destroyer, however.


Verrain said...

Awwww. So cute!

TheThorne said...



Carrie said...

What? you have a female orange kitty? My vet tells me those are rare!

Anna said...

Wacky! But now that you mention it, I think the other two orange tabbies in the litter were boys...