Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finally returning to a normal pace.

I seem to be returning to a more "normal" level of creative output after my post-GenCon frenzy of creative activity. Much of that is due to Spore, which is an evil, evil brain that has been consuming my brain meats. But I've also been working on some other projects, which as of yet are not baked enough for me to want to talk about publicly. Almost! But not yet.

At any rate, here's another inked Trollbabe piece. At Ron's request I pulled the camera back to show a bit more of the context. I struggled with re-working with this, but I wound up pretty happy with it.


I managed to do a few hours work shading the final result and wound up with something I'm pretty happy with - though I'm not sure how I'll handle the background. I guess I'll burn cross that bridge when I get to it though.

Watch this space for coming details about a design project that I'm almost ready to talk about that is not the black ops angel game.

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