Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hero's Banner continues to be awesome

"Well, something had to happen. Maybe beating him was a bad choice."

That pretty much sums up how our second session of Hero's Banner went. It was filled with pure awesome.

Some highlights of the session:

* Magdalena (my character) beat her pig fiance with a silver candlestick for intruding on her while she was dressing. ("You may be my fiance, but you will NEVER be my darling".)
* Later on Magdalena pledged to throw her support behind Octavian's political schemes if he would send her pig fiance out to deal with the inevitable rebellion that arose. He took her request to get her fiance killed remarkably well. I had a lot of fun with that.
* Octavian, the psychotic would-be emperor in love with his sister, had a conversation with the ghost of a long dead emperor - Alin IV of Prodan - who told him he needed to fulfill his destiny.
* Casimir's went crazy and beat the shit out of his gay lover for using witchcraft to poison his mother.
* Vasilica's most loyal subject found out about the fact that he'd had his father, the King, murdered and threatened to expose him and Vasilica basically stared him down.

The dice told some interesting stories this session. For instance, when Nick made the passion check during his scene with Casimir, on his first roll he rolls two 2's - which meant that he had a breakdown. (Hence the beating of his lover.) But his passion only went up by one.

Even more amusingly, in the next scene his mother's chamberlain tried to have his gay lover imprisoned on suspicion of being a traitor. Nick rolled a passion check and rolled two tens - another breakdown! So Casimir BEAT THE CHAMBERLAIN TO DEATH.


Not a huge advancement in Passion happened this session, which was a bit of a relief. We were all sitting at around 30 after the first session, but mostly people were succeeding on their rolls. I actually didn't gain any Passion this session, so maybe something to work at for next time.

I did some sketches of this session:


We play again in two weeks. I'm very excited to see what happens. I love Hero's Banner so hard.

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