Sunday, December 14, 2008

An update: No, I'm not dead

Regarding my absence:

So I'm back from my vacation in the Florida keys. I won't bore you by talking about how warm and fantastic it was. But I'll be spending some time going through the photographs that I took and posting some of the best ones here. We saw a lot of really neat wildlife, and I can't wait to pore through my photographs.

Regarding current projects:

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be working with Seth Ben-Ezra to illustrate his upcoming game Showdown. It's still in the planning stages, so it'll be a bit before actual illustrations appear here. But I will post work as I do it, and will link to Seth's page for Showdown in just a bit. I'm super-excited, because I read the forum thread that the game was spawned from and it promises to be very fun.

Regarding the second print run of Thou Art But A Warrior:

Due to circumstances beyond my control, there likely will not be any more printed copies for around a month. I have had delays both with the printer, which I have started a thread about on the Forge, as well as with UPS, who has had my proof for almost TWO WEEKS now.

I will be rushing to have a PDF version of the game available on the Un-Store as soon as possible to make up for this delay. I do apologize if this inconveniences anyone. When I started the reprint process at the end of October, I didn't realize I still wouldn't have my proof by now.

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