Friday, April 10, 2009

Black Sky: Alpha draft now finished

To quote Hiro: YATTA!

So for the past month and a bit, I've been slaving over finishing an alpha draft of Black Sky - my sci-fi RPG inspired by, but that doesn't slavishly re-create, Firefly.

Don't ask me why, but I decided this evening around 8pm that I was going to finish the alpha draft THIS EVENING. Despite the fact that my parents are coming up for Easter weekend are going to arrive about any minute now, and the section that remained incomplete was the section on conflict, or in other words, the section that makes the game go.

Four thousand words and three and a half hours later, I finished, and probably will have only beat my family's arrival by about half an hour. But the fact remains that I am FINISHED! Which means I get to move on to testing, and having people rip it to pieces! Hooray!

So. If you'd like to take a look at the alpha draft of Black Sky, then please either post here or send me an email: anna (dot) kreider (at) gmail (dot) come. Please, though, expect that if I send you a copy I WILL pester you for feedback.

(PLEASE also refrain from sending this around. If you want to have people ask me for copies, that's cool. But I want to know who has copies of this thing. At this stage, I'm very leery of having lots of totally broken versions of my game floating around the internet that can confuse things when I do eventually publish.)

Please also let me disclaim that this is my first complete game. I have never before created a conflict system and am fully aware that this one will need lots of breaking, I mean, testing before it is functional. Be gentle, I'm not so great at math and I'm sure lots of stuff will need balancing.

Still, I am proud. It took a lot of work, and a lot more time than I would have liked to rip this from my brain meats, but the hardest part is done! Yipee!


wundergeek said...

(this is Wundergeek) Caveat: My parents just arrived, so drafts will be sent out tomorrow

Brendan said...

Hey, I'm interested! My name is Brendan Adkins and I'd love it if you sent me a copy at

Ben Lehman said...

congratulations, anna.

Michael S. Miller said...

Congrats on finishing a draft, Anna. I can promise no playtesting, but I'm very good about reading and offering commentary, if that's what you're looking for. You can send to my gmail account: stalwartIP aatt gmail, etc.

buddha said...


Hey, this is Buddha. Pretty much what Michael said above! I've got a regular thursday night group that does indie playtests, so I may be able to get those punks to playtest for you, but we kinda decide on games by consensus, so I can't say for sure we'll be able to (but keep pestering me for feedback!). My email is jonathanlydavis (at) gmail (dot) com.