Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showdown cover - work in progress

Not too long ago I started coloring the cover of Showdown, got something I really liked, and then screwed up the file. I couldn't bring myself to work on it right away again, but tonight I fired up my computer and got about a third of the way through coloring the cover.

I thought I'd post some images of the work in progress, just to give a sense of the progression.

I'm very excited. This is going to be quite awesome.

EDIT: I worked on it a bit more, so I decided to add one more image:


Darius Wolfe said...

Wow, that's nice. What program are you using? I've played around with line art in Photoshop, but it's a pain in the ass, even when I'm tracing. Is it just something that gets easier with time, or is there some special technique us have-nots aren't meant to know yet?

Also, those little dots, I assume those are the color palette for easy eyedropper sampling? Nice idea.

Anna said...

I hate drawing in Photoshop, so I always draw on paper, scan, and then clean up the lineart in Photoshop. For the painting, I actually use an old (like 4-5 years old) version of OpenCanvas because it's very simplistic and doesn't have a million annoying tools and modes to fiddle with. And yes, the dots are for easier sampling. It's very annoying trying to recreate colors.

ecboss said...

Looks gorgeous. :)